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The Time of Your Life!

Life is the Theatre, YOU are the Production
Script Your Life Seriously

Time saving, success planning!

Organize your year at a glance. So convenient. Understand your cycles, enjoy the rhythm. How did this happen, when will it be over, what's going to happen, what can I do? Look up your best times for love, business, personal plans. Accelerate your prosperity by being in harmony with your own cosmic blueprint. Your Astro*Logical software is like no one else's! Integrate your personal pattern with world patterns to maximize your results with less effort. Common sense. Be on time for your life!

About Transits Your transits are a list of the aspects the planets in the sky are making to your birthchart planets. When a planet in the sky comes to a degree of a sign that is close to a degree of a planet in your chart, we call that being in aspect. Each planet combination, and the signs and houses they are in, have meaning. This is when astrology gets exciting! It's not just who you are but what you are going to do with you! This is the action part of astrology!

With transits, you can understand what happened any time, even a long time ago. You can see why now, many years later, you might be taking something harder than it seems to warrant. Your body remembers.

You can prepare for upcoming times and plan to take full advantage of windows of opportunity. You know when it's gotta be done by or when, Thank God, it will be over! Some aspects are a few hours, some years, but no matter, you are in charge! Unexpected events may come, but you have the choice of your reaction!

Investing well now will pay back many times over.

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