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Your Relationships are So Important!

Match made in heaven, or time to change your phone number?!
Understand Your Passions!

Heart to Heart Relationship Readings - Often Surprising Results!

Basic compatibility or eye candy?!
Who is that intimate stranger you love, or want to love, so much?
What are the current issues, how can you best deal with them?
How can you communicate more sweetly with that person?
Should you try? And try? And…. …

People ask me to tell it like it is. I do.

Get clear about you, get clear about the ones you love, be it lover, parent, child, associates, friends. Readings of comparison charts with parents and past lovers, you/your partner/your children are most informative and helpful. Track both yours and your partner's tendencies, family interplays. It's all about LOVE and respect, getting what you need, letting go when it's best, giving kindly without losing yourself.

Understand your vulnerable patterns, choose more wisely, learn how you and your loved ones are different and how to relate more effectively. Every relationship has special purpose. Explore the adventure! You have nothing to lose, everything to gain! Everything you learn, you take with you, separately or together!

Is it a temporary relationship or issue, or time to grow on? See why your choices change, what your current direction is. Open to sharing more feelings and closeness, be easier about commitment, increase your fulfillment.

Love With All Your Heart!

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