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Your Relationship Charts - Love Yourself, Be Loved, Heart to Heart!

Learn how to love! Learn about your lovers - all of them! And Mothers? Yes, them too. That's who you're like. Man or woman! And Dad because he's your professional role model. Then there are kids, sibs, bosses, friends, anybody that will stand still and give you their birth data! See the patterns in your choices. And theirs. Is this one friendship, business or more?

Comparison Charts are the fundamental tool. You can see which houses your planets activate in your partner and they yours. This tells us what issues are up. The planet combinations by sign, house and aspect tell us what's easy, what's not and how to make it the best it can be! Simple things you can know, like how that person thinks. Are they audio or visual, are they emotional, tactile or both? It can make a big difference when you are communicating. Be smart. You can be more loving and considerate and know who YOU are too! Appreciate your differences. Each gifts the other. Or are those differences so much it is a wise time to move on? That can be smart and loving too…. When you meet people it can be immediately helpful to see their chart and compare with yours. What are computers for?! Give people a fair chance. It's often said what we don't love in others is what we don't love in ourselves, so especially notice what repeats. Be responsible for what's yours, let the rest go!

Composite Charts are amazing! They describe you as a couple the way you synthesize. Technically, it is a chart of the midpoints of your two charts. That means you take the planet position of one person's Venus, add it with the other person's, divide by two. Voila, a single chart of a couple! Rob Hand's book, Composites, popularized this technique. Recently I saw an advertisement for another book on composites for which Rob has written the forward.

1) Start with your BirthCharts! How exciting to see who this person is - their hopes and dreams, what they want in a partner. 2) Look at each person's Progressions and Transits. Is it a passing fancy or are they in the marriage mood?! What about that stress in your relationship? Is it permanently in your comparisons, or a bad hair day? Have you reached a change point in your own cycles? 3) Check out those Comparisons and Composites and see how to work with the strength and weaknesses.

There is no gift sweeter than understanding and empathy.

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