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     Your Special Gifts
                            Your Sun Sign & all your other factors in concert
                      as no computer report could ever do! Sweetly & Deeply….

     Life Reading - Change Your Life! Readings to grow your soul


Who are you, you delicious creature, you?!

Get clear about you and the ones you care about….
What is in your Heart, or theirs?!

What is your next career or business move?
When? Or, when will this be over?!
What about Relationships? Family? Children?

Remarkable Insights. If you have been sad and sleepy, let's gently awaken that spirit of yours. If you are hysterical, let's calm your frenzy. Take a deep breath. Let's refocus your true path, bring you up to date.

We look in depth into who you are, your Progressions and Transits, who you are becoming. We look at important patterns from birth to 12 years future, your LIFE SCAN. We weigh the past, clarify how to move you out of old stuck patterns, establish new patterns toward the good life! Then we will look at when your windows of opportunity are, how to best prepare for them, creative strategies to enhance your success! Well worth it!

Every year I like to keep you up to date with an annual reading. I call it a Life Reading because I see it as 'taking a reading' on your life, not that I read your whole life. I grow, you grow. Each year we see from a greater vantage point, so I like to revise the way we look at where we're going. And, of course, we can focus on your priority issues as you wish, taking as much time as you like.

The beauty of consulting is that it is so specific. It covers anything you can ask that your astrologer has the capacity to answer. All astrologers have specialties, and sometimes we need to refer you out. Don't be afraid to ask your astrologer what they are comfortable with and please don't feel bad if we send you to someone else. We want the best for you.

If you need or want it to, and trust your astrologer, consulting can be incredibly intimate and useful. You can talk about the details of your sex life, that you are gay or into SM, that you tried to kill yourself, you had cancer and still get scared sometimes, you were molested…. If it warrants, I think astrology and counseling are useful on concurrent tracks.

You are a powerful source of life and goodness. Let's free every fraction of your creativity to share your dreams at all levels - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, in service! Live big! It's your birthright!

Love with all your heart, it's a new time. Have the power of your gifts.

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