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This calendar leaves other calendars in the dust because this one is entirely personalized for your own birth horoscope.
Personal Calendars!
Your Personal Daily LUNAR Aspects PLUS
all the rest of your Progressions and Transits
AND the aspects in the sky too!

See Samples below! Order now!
Your PERSONAL Calendar Year only $29
Monthly Details 50+ pages, great buy at $45
Your PERSONAL Retrogrades $1.50/page
ALL THREE, plus Yearly Highlights, 100+ pages, best buy at $75

EASY! Just send Names, Birth Dates, Places & Times of Birth!
Master Card/Visa accepted - Gift Certificates available!

If you are looking for information to help you take advantage of opportunities that are coming your way — or to help you avoid or be prepared for less pleasant events that may occur — you will love the practical information Day Watch puts right at your fingertips! Modern, EASY to use, the finest Astrological Forecasting!

You can use your Day Watch Calendar as your daily appointment book, or as a log AstroLogical Personal Calendar par excellence!  Your lunars, your Progressions, Transit, plus the aspects in the sky as well!   Make 2006 the best yet! book or diary of what actually happens on a  particular day; this can help you refine how you use  the information that you receive and become more  effective at taking advantage of opportunities. Yes!  It looks like the image below, is way better than  generic commercial calendars, because it has  information specific to YOUR birth data!

 The Annual and Monthly Highlights are the  interpretation of your Progressions and Transits. This  is the meat and potatoes of forecasting! This is  where long term planning has the most successful  results due to well tuned effective daily  achievement. It frees you from worry since you know  the duration of windows of opportunity so you can make the most of the time you have!

This Retrograde/Stations Report is fantastic! It tells you what signs, where, when and what is happeing specific to YOU, your chart! You have likely heard people talk about Mercury Retrograde. Well this report tells you the details about Mercury Retrograde, and any other Retrogrades that occur! The duration of the phases and what to expect, how to use them to best advantage makes all the difference! You can be happy when Retrogrades occur, use them well, for excellence!

If you are professional or thinking to be, or just want the information, consider this software! It is truly a breakthrough program. Please click on any image on my Links page to order it online or if you order in person, please tell Matrix (toll free 1-800-PLANETS) it is through me so I will get credit! Thank you, thank you! Right now, New Year 2006, it is on sale, regular price $399.95, now only $299.95! Also, you can purchase any FOUR Professional or any FOUR Express Matrix programs, and one of them is FREE!

To Your Fine Future, Always Victory, Always Love!

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To order your Charts and Reports, a Gift Certificate, or make an Appointment,
Please Email Cerena or Call 805-898-7888

EASY! Just send Names, Birth Dates, Places & Times of Birth!
If for tutoring, bring your charts with you, along with your questions.

Master Card/Visa accepted - Gift Certificates available!

~ Thanks for Your Order ~

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