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If important issues are pressing and learning astrology sounds like more work than you want and time than you've got, find a professional astrologer to do a comprehensive interpretation for you. Often an experienced reader knows things that haven't been written anywhere yet, perhaps the idea is so fundamental to them it goes without saying. Or perhaps today is the day they discover an idea because it is the special combination of your chart/map they are reading, but without the prior experience they have, no one else would have noticed!

When selecting an astrologer please consider if they have been referred to you by a source that has a good track record with you, has a life you would like to have 15 years from now. If you don't have a friend to make a referral, go online, call a reputable astrological association, the astrological mapping companies, a metaphysical bookstore. What are the astrologer's fees? That can make a quick difference. Even if their fee is out of your range, it may be quite useful to ask your questions anyway. You may decide to extend your budget for the long term value. Or if that budget really squeaks, let your friend who's just learning help.

Are They Pedigreed?

What are their professional affiliations? Who did they study with? Do they have a specialty? How long have they been practicing? Are they a hobbyist who does a reading once a week for friends or do they make their living doing astrology, many clients a week, a seasoned veteran? Asking how many years they have been doing astrology is not the same as how many years you have had your eight hour a day job! We want to know what their actual experience level is. Personally, I don't think getting paid to do a reading necessarily makes you a 'professional.' Nor does experience, pedigree memberships, high fees or even passing rigorous exams guarantee the wisdom of an astrologer, just like some counselors need more help than their clients!

How 'old' is the reader you are considering or wanting? Sometimes there is just no substitute for the empathy, compassion, wisdom acquired from the school of hard knocks. Or you may want an open minded creative person with fresh insight. If you can afford it, why not do both?! And perhaps a man and a woman!

Talk with them a few minutes. Are they professional but not rigid? Does the communication flow? If not, is it because they are honestly saying things that are uncomfortable for you to hear but need to, or is that friction going to cut down the percentage of what you can get from the reading per time and money spent? Do they listen to you? Do you think they heard what you are saying you need? Would you enjoy that person as a friend or is a good technical, professional right-between-the-eyes wake-up reading what you need right now? Are they nice and capable?

You can be really specific about your special personal needs. Ask if your astrologer has personal experience with, knowledge, background about molestation/rape, is gay or SM friendly, comfortable talking about serious illness, death, suicide. Get what you need.

What Kind of a Reading Do You Want?

Do you want an informative reading or would you like a little counseling along with it? If you think you might want your astrologer to be a counselor as well, see if they are trained. Might as well get your money's worth! There are a lot of counselors who also do astrology! Ask your friends.

If confidentiality is important, for business issues or personal privacy, inquire specifically what that reader's policy is. I don't tell anyone if a person is a client of mine. I would never give someone your birth data without your permission, and if permission is given over the phone, I must know your voice. And I never discuss my clients with anyone including fellow professionals.

Since this may be a new experience for you with a lot of exotic exciting new vocabulary, don't be swept away. Interview maybe three astrologers, let the novelty wear off a bit. They may say something that would make you want to add that item to your list of questions. Sleep on it. Don't be surprised if they interview you a bit! There are times they realize, for one reason or another, that they wouldn't be the best reader for your needs and may refer you to another reader.

What Do I Get? Should I Record?

Don't be afraid to ask what you would/could get from a reading. Do you get hard copies of the materials used in your session? Is it recorded? I highly recommend a voice file of your session whether it is in person or on the phone. If it is a phone reading, you can make a voice file at your end - there are simple inexpensive devices at your electronics store. There is just too much to remember in a powerful reading packed with lots of information.

My philosophy of a good reading is something that confronts your old patterns, frees you to delightedly pursue the future, gives you a vision of that future, gives you the means to implement that future! That's a lot to take in when there is emotional content, perhaps the language of astrology is new to you and the reader may be new to you. It is invaluable to have that voice file to review. I've had clients listen to their recordings 15 years later and call for another reading! That the recording had that much value so many years later touches me. Some clients have said listening to the recording over and over helped them get through some hard times. I'm touched. I'm moved. And so glad to be a part of your life this way.

Sometimes you just have to do it! Worst happens, you blew the money and you're still in God's hands. But…. Usually, no matter what, you learn at least one important thing. May be a little phrase that sticks with you and down the years you don't remember who said it to you. Just stay open. The Soul always knows where it is going. Lucky for us astrologers, we got a map!

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