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Your Astro TLC Tips
for After your Reading!

After your reading take some time for yourself if you can - to think, write first impression comments, note what touched you, take it in. Journal, take a hot bath, drive to high view point. Comfort yourself if you faced yourself! I probably gave you some homework. How can you integrate that in your life? Make some good plans. Set up future check points, reVision your life. Celebrate yourself! You did it!

Please check your birthdata, your date, place & time of birth for accuracy. If it is incorrect, or you find out your birthtime is different, discuss it with your astrologer. Every 4 minutes of time is equal to one degree of the earth’s turn. That makes a difference in the degree of your Ascendant and house cusps; sometimes they change signs or planets change houses. Ninety nine point nine per cent, you will need to get a new read on the corrected version. Please too, make sure your name is spelled correctly, though that makes no difference to your astrology reading.

After your reading, please make copies/backups of your voice file. Your reading is uniquely about you, so, master copies in a safe place, archive, is good. Keep your chart originals protected in your Astro Portfolio. Make copies of your charts, maps; some can be scribble copies to make magic notes on!

Listen to your voice file soon again. At first you are getting used to your interpreter's style, the new language of astrology. And, schedule another time to listen a month or so before important upcoming times indicated by astrology or before a significant event that is already scheduled, or as you  may need to. You hear different things as you take it in a bit at a time and as you change with what you hear.

It is important to document, take care of your life. Take your charts/reading to other astrologers or friends, who know astrology, for additional insights, second opinions. Ask a trusted friend, lover, parent if they would listen to your voice file for that invaluable insight from ones who know you. They can see your blind spots, support you when your voice file indicates you may need it. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Ask your astrology friendly minister, teacher or counselor if they would listen to your voice file. Many therapists are astrology knowledgeable. If you are considering going to a counselor, you can ask if they are, get one specially gifted to your needs. Ask your friends who have made good changes for such a referral.

Review past years for themes and what may have been unspoken dreams that the events and your reactions suggested. Make some good plans. Set up future check points. Jot cue notes at important star dates on your personal calendar, how to best use the coming years to achieve your goals.

Jot brief notes, what happened, by your number one dates, the first  passage of a transit. Scan ahead to the date of the second and third  passages and  write what you want to get done by those times. Two to three weeks before the second date, review the first date’s notes, check your progress, renew  your efforts. At the second date make brief notes  of the events at that time, review and upgrade your plans for the third date knowing what you know now. Two to three weeks before the third date, review the first & second dates’ notes, adjust your plans, apply yourself to the home stretch! After number three, celebrate! Take yourself to Dinner! Well done!

Your reading confirms and encourages, reminds and focuses. Many times I have suggested a vacation at a certain time and my client says it’s already scheduled! There is nothing I have said your soul doesn’t already know. But to speak it brings it into forward consciousness. You know that another person knows, and it becomes a psychic team effort and you can call for help when you need to. My words may not be your words, but they are symbolic, and even if wrong, invite, provoke your thinking. I am honored to be the instrument.

And, furthermore, LOL, you are not crazy, you are you, unique! You’re not stupid, you’re on your soul’s very own timing, doing the best you can, learning your particular ‘piece.’

After your reading, maybe while listening to your voice file again, if you have questions, a mini follow up reading is often useful. I’m willing to answer a couple quick questions, more than 10-15 minutes starts to feel like another session. What’s more important is I want to do the ‘right’ job for you. That means I really may need to sit with you, charts on the desk, to have the information I need to do your question(s) justice.

Smart to get another reading when a big change comes and you want to use it more fully. Another great time is on or close to your birthday, for your own personal year! Power to you!

 It is recommended to get your update once a year, a month or sooner before this reading finishes, even earlier if it serves you. If you approach life fully, you will have changed a lot in one year and so will your astrologer! By then, a whole new grouping of your transits and progressions will be available. So, it’s time to take a look at the new opportunities from your new vantage point! You aren’t the same person  you used to be!

If this is not an easy time for you, remember, the planets are moving, this too will pass! It will be over and how can you use it, learn from it, not miss it? What ongoing pleasure and joy will you have created, could you, if you were willing? When it’s a time of many blessings, these same questions apply. Make it better, make it so!

If it fits your Spirit, explore! I think it is good to look up your sun sign or any item in your chart, progressions or transits, in at least three sources. You could buy or borrow books, from friends or the library, to get started; play on the internet. If you get steeped in one person's way of thinking you tend to take that bias. With several books and an inquisitive mind, you learn to interpret more magically, creatively with a broad rich palette - think for yourself - discover more facets of your power.

Books you might enjoy - use what your spirit learns best from

Complete Idiot's Guide to Astrology, Gerwick-Brodeus, chock full of very fun easy-to-use info

The Inner Sky, Steven Forrest, uses imagery & story telling to illustrate astro principles

Stephen Arroyo's Chart Interpretation Handbook, Stephen Arroyo, complete basic book

The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian & Acker, practical, lot of read for the $

There are many other wonderful books! Choose what you'll use and….

Take it easy, you're learning a whole new language. If you get stuck, go on to another item, come back to it later. If you still don't understand, it's smart to get some Private Tutoring. Some people get their birthchart to prepare for a reading. The more you know, the more you get from your reading.

Ask around, a lot of people are learning astrology. Hang out with them, practice on each other’s charts! An effective way to learn is to do charts of people you know, parents/children, lovers, bosses/employees, your friends. Comparison charts often give insights that heal and enhance these relationships. Email baby charts for newborns up to a year old are FREE!

When you are ready for the next step, it's recommended to learn about your progressions and transits. They cue you to your new opportunities each year. More than understanding, these open doors to create and shape your future consciously, you know what you're doing, where you're going and when!

Many thanks! Blessings on Your Quest!

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